June 16, 2005

wink books

Rob Budde-------my american movie (2004)
Rob Budde-------Software Tracks (2004)
Jeremy Stewart----one hour more light (2004)
Rob Budde-------A Sleep of Faith (2005)

chapbooks produced in small runs sporadically.
to order find rob and he will give you one. or
check books & co. or the university bookstore.

each edition is designed and assembled by rob.
usually printed by barry wong at the unbc
copy center. he's great.

chapbooks rule baby.

1 comment:

Jonathan Ball said...

chapbooks DO rule. i started a chapbook press recently & would gladly trade you some books for you own books. so far i have printed some of my own poems and an anthology of 9 poets. i have forthcoming books from rob mclennan and derek beaulieu in the works. & perhaps, one day, rob budde?

check out www.martianpress.blogspot.com if you want any more info. email me at jonathan AT jonathanball DOT com if you are interested in trading chapbooks.