December 19, 2005

GM=God-like Manipulations

does this seem frivolous and dangerously indulgent to anyone else?

January 2006

Upcoming events to watch for:

--launch of The Forestry Diversification Project a collection of new PG poets (UNBC Press)
--a celebration of Barry McKinnon's collected letters at the UNBC Geoffrey Weller Library and Archives
--the first Annual Prince George Chapbook Fair
--launch of Flicker by Rob Budde (Signature Editions)

katabasis by Rob Budde

everything is intelligent
and you are in it;
everything is unknowable
(that slug you tried to keep
in a jar and it disappeared;
that pool of water in the woods
with no bottom)
and you are in it
at the edge
of all human feeling

the basics are nowhere to found
floating in the weekday routine,
the latte enemas, traffic snarls and
strange meat on the table—the bottom
is lost, indecipherable as ancient ruins
scuffed over at the back of the schoolyard
that beat you up

a depth of feeling bred out
in echoing classrooms,
by the mechanisms of making things,
through wired technologies of the inhumane,
and sheer laziness

i went back to that place
carrying a knife, a camera
a book of myths

(the pond, the gold image
of my face)
when i was 12—it was sweet,
unnerving, and sharp;
i went back to that place
in language and it was folded,
unsupported, and mine

December 13, 2005

The Culture Mill

hardy f & I'd like to create on online hub/blog/site that would connect all the various Prince George based cultural activity. If you'd like your site connected email me, or 'comment' on this item.

Sites could be related to any medium or form of the arts in the Prince George area:

--events updates
--literary review
--visual arts postings
--music reviews/events
--audio files
--general commentary
--personal arts-related blogs
--schedules and programs

The hub would be to

1. connect artists,
2. spread the word about local events & releases, and
3. inform the world of the PG arts and increase our online presence.

All Prince George and area artists and arts organizations are invited to participate.

December 12, 2005

the regional materialist by Rob Budde

can’t be there and here
is a bias of communication, a trick
of the wind patterns or
myths that have forgotten what they are

they asked me for ID
and i said your poems
desecrate graves with
their assurance

i see cutting the lawn as
a way to let only imported
grasses survive except
at the edges

i am a type of trying to
do too much but what’s
the difference between status
quo work and the police state
poetics of look at me

it is a commitment to not
and the writing lines bend
to hold that evasion:
look, there it goes

Iconoclast, by Heather Glasgow

Announcing the release of the chapbook Iconoclast by Heather Glasgow. Heather is an English students at UNBC and a singer. Check out PG's new set of pipes in this debut book. Email Heather to get your copy.

December 11, 2005

Okal Rel Anthology

The anthology is the first of a series set in the Okal Rel Universe that is hosted by Windstorm Creative of Port Orchard, WA, under their Fandom Press line. The Okal Rel Universe is a science fiction setting established by the ten novel series by Lynda Williams and Alison Sinclair, that is published by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy of Calgary, AB.

The Okal Rel Universe Anthology I includes:

Percentage Play
by Rick Hoggarth

Where Passion Rules
by Elizabeth Woods

by Adam Volk

Arbitrary Attentions
by Sarah Trick

The Perry Affair
by Amanda da Silva