December 23, 2009

Sea Otter Catches Colonization Under a Rock

Still salty Salish air in fall
and the small flounder crunches
between her teeth

The otter numbers are up
not like stocks but spirits

She sits on a rock munching
the discourse called trade

that Spanish / Russian / British squeeze
in the straits when skins
came off with a sick sucking noise

Globalization dribbles off her pelt,
her nonchalance, her pregnant belly,

this counter-colonial moment in
English Bay, the tide just turning

her satisfaction in being

December 8, 2009

the largest service centre

perfectly situated at the crossroads of two major highways and two
water ways also the junction for

the alaska highway

786km from

one of four secure custody centers in it both open and secure custody based

one of those gateways you first visit on business

also a staging centre for mining and prospecting

currently experiencing

bolstered by a body of reporters from 100 mile house through smithers

a leader in all facets of business and intends to be northern 's fastest growing call centre market

a great place to

currently experiencing enormous growth and improvement

located in the center of a vast

with many assets

an excellent choice for professional customer service

the perfect place to retreat after a hard days work

now home to 416 low

a northern capital

a bustling of 80

changing a vibrant of 70

located at the confluence of the fraser and nechako rivers

located at the confluence

about 800 km from

located in

known as a northern

located in the north central region of at the junctions of highways 97 and 16

the fourth largest in

"right in the middle of it all"

not any worse than the rest of the province in this category

a manufacturing and distribution center for an agricultural and lumbering region

a hub of activity offering visitors an

only local rival for impressive architecture

becoming one of the west's most popular snowmobiling destinations

home to approximately 65

the largest centre in our region

not allowed

ideal for those who utilize public transit or who

located in central approximately 496 miles from

the last of twenty

the primary trade and service area of 110

the regional service centre for post secondary education

directed to

located on a spur of land at the confluence of the fraser and nechako rivers

located right in the middle of and the regional centre of business

located about 400 miles north of vancouver on the fraser river

the voice for volunteerism in

all about


one of the cornerstones of this strategy

the only one of its type known to be preserved or to survive in canada

one of canada's investment hot spots

pleased to announce that a family has been selected for our first build

the main of the central interior


known as the northern capital of a regional icon and a jewel in the crown of

fast becoming the jewel of

conveniently situated in the downtown core

what it

for all those reasons

dependent on the logging industry for its economy

a mid

the getaway that has it all

a cozy of 60

a sports persons parade

very excited as another prestigious event comes to our

in the heart of northern

the major transportation hub

situated at the confluence of two rivers and surrounded by extensive boreal forests

service driven

of the opinion

simply not true

The History of Listening

nearing this heft, nearing
tides and lamplight and
accumulated heirlooms placed
in a row, tambourine-like, against
the pressure of outside, out
of hearing, struck instead
by the riotous friction of cells
on cells, hunger, tissue rustling
just to the left of profound—and
silence is cradled in your impossible mouth
a wordless o obediently biting
off a reply to propriety, a vital levity
in the parabolic viscera, those homey
keys to absolute knowing, knowing
the space your voice should be going,
should be a nostalgic scent in the fabric,
should be resolutely circling the already known.