July 24, 2005

Michael Armstrong--In Their Nightgowns, Dancing

The first literary release by UNBC Press!

Launch & Book Signing
Michael Armstrong's In Their Nightgowns, Dancing
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"Michael Armstrong has crafted a lyrical and haunting play that captivates with its sensuous imagery, riveting journey, and naked honesty. His story of two people each blown by the winds of enormous political and social forces resounds with authenticity of place, time, and character. This play is funny and tender and a gorgeous examination of possibility, chance, imagination, coincidence, opportunity, and all those endless forks in roads that combine to make a life. It is a richly rewarding story of rebirth and hope in that eternal human struggle to understand who we are as individuals. What I loved and still love is Armstrong’s ability to create such complete moments with such economy of language. The characters are so well cared for; there is such love present in the writing and it makes for such a beautiful journey to take."

--Kevin Kerr, Jessie and Governor General's Award winning playwright as well as a director, actor, and founding member of the Electric Company

For more information, contact UNBC Press.

UNBC Aboriginal Writers and Storytellers Festival

September 23 – October 8, 2005

UNBC’s First Nations Studies, the First Nations Centre, the English Program, Social Work Department, and Prince George
community organizations are organizing what will be one of the largest and most exciting First Nations writing festivals
in Canada.

We are coordinating a series of storytelling festivals across the north in communities and nations which will then send a
representative storyteller to the Prince George festival in the fall. This promises to be an exciting combination of literary readings, performance, and traditional storytelling events.

Confirmed performers/readers are:

Eden Robinson
Marie Clements
Gary Gottfriedson
Richard Van Camp
Michael Blackstock
Heather Harris
Marilyn Dumont
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
Janet Marie Rogers
Lee Maracle
Tomson Highway
Jeannette Armstrong

Also local performers,
an opening Gala,
Poetry Train 2,
storytellers from across Northern BC
and more!

Contact Rob Budde or Paul Michel for more information.

George Street Letters

George Street Letters, Issue #2

GSL is a long-awaited and much-needed arts and culture magazine
which will be documenting, reviewing, and promoting Prince George arts. The local newspapers
seem to have disavowed local arts and PG culture is crucial to civic identity and community well-being. GSL
will be distributed free to local coffeeshops, arts organizations, and
other meeting places.

Pick one up and engage in the conversation!

Contact George Street Letters for more information or if you'd like to submit material.
(Painting by Erin Arding)

Intervals a new chapbook by Ken Belford

photo by Ken Belford
to order contact Ken Belford

cruise by Rob Budde

“norwegian dream” or some dis-
placement carried over, the escape
a package of metal floating over the inlet

Tony Blair calls on Londoners to ‘go on
with their business—to be afraid
is to let the terrorists win’ the tracks
cleared, the schedule resumed

what it means to truly disembark
the infamous missile, remote
controlled, the target a fuzzy
bunker filled with crosshairs

the permanent tourist stands in front
of the monument, history then
a digital file emailed to oneself

the horn sounds announcing
what? you too can dive into
a swimming pool on the Pacific
and become weightless

Prince Rupert, July 2005

July 16, 2005

modernity by Rob Budde

all of it made carefully, over top
the ground, calculations of amplitude,
erosion, gestation;

the engineers looked over their shoulders
down and away, a blueprint of forgetting

fingertips placed gently together in front
of the magistrate's words

it is not mortality i am fighting;
it is what that sure-footed vision gets you
that bothers me

the coherence cannot hold

power grids, establishment
reckoning, the aesthetics taught as formative--
all those attempts to justify
the expenditure, the waste, the damage . . .

it is a letting go, an un-named
un-naming strolling over the hill
i seek no longer
god or mystery
but anonymous among us