May 16, 2008

Indices: First Quarter Returns

poetic value (diagnoses) is repetitive motion disorder; the way a habit becomes habit or inhibited / by a turn

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poetic value rolls
into the ditch on that highway
curve near Cluculz lake

poetic value was indeterminate indeterminate
because the street price was quoted
from unreliable sources

EPS (ttm) 2.39 Low 8.480 P/E (ttm) 3.70

for chrissakes watch
where yr going

Auden: "poetry makes nothing happen"

poetic value is an eBay ad
for a 1972 printer’s proof
slightly water damaged
in Jonathan Ball’s basement

“No definition of economics is adequate or can capture the subject. For that reason, most teachers don’t like definitions and skip them”

the act of “grasping after ‘the poem’”

when language begins to devalue its object

I wondered why everyone was staring at me in the grocery store and then I got home and realized my hair was sticking out funny and I had a bloody nose

poetic value is the value of having a name for the source of terror

poetic value is questioning that name for the source of terror

“Investments in our distribution platform, product development and international reach fueled sales, while brand building, select divestitures and a focused acquisition strengthened our competitive position even further”

poetic value = “no one is exempt from playing the game of the ecology of the imaginary!”

how to cope with scarcity

poetic value runs a deficit for the public good

the call was silent because the automatic dialer had a hit on the fourth call, yours was the sixth

Net Change C$ +0.130 % Change +1.50%

there is a moment during a 1981 episode of Mork & Mindy in which a pun (intentional or unintentional) on the word ‘association’ caused a 37% drop in the Nielsen rating of national viewership

nowhere was the job losses felt more deeply than in the manufacturing sector where tens of thousands found themselves without a paycheck

poetic value is that feeling you get when you watch a slick sports car slide into a crew cab at an icy intersection and they mourn the loss of paint, the loss, that is the value

poetic value: I had none so i went on pogy

poetic value curls up on the curb
thinks about the land (under)
and what next

“discourse comes from a word meaning ‘to arrange’, so engaging in discourse is a kind of [flourish of the hands] interior decorating” Robin Blaser, informal talk at the University of Calgary 1995

poetic value is location location location shelf space and facings, merchandizing and traffic flow, the change you toss in the hat

or maybe it was 1994

the brain’s music

royalties for year ending December 31, 2007: $31.29

after the reading we can haggle over the value of this book the “value” will be determined by that brief and awkward exchange

Open 8.550 Mkt Cap ($Mil) 1,255 High 9.130

. . . oh, I skipped a line oh, sorry about that, where was I?

poetic value is the freedom to be ineffectual

i wished i had been born a ruthless business mogul
a tall serious business mogul

who are you people anyway . . .

across six lanes of traffic to retrieve an 1975 8-track I had tossed out the window after sitting on it for the thirteenth time

“Begin by instructing students to use the economic way of thinking to assess and guide their own lives”

Bid 8.770 Forward P/E Ask 8.800 PEG (est. 5 yrs) Volume 237,318

are you taking all of this down

poetic value is post-human

royalties of 10 % for foreign translations

“I just hate forgetting a great line—the idea is lost forever”

The Economy is based on sound principles and will, over the long run, be stable and show steady growth--consumers should not panic but should rather go about their business as usual

in language when damage to the soft tissues in the body are described as a product of the mentally/physically induced environment—if not, the subject may experience complete loss of function

it is the structure of feeling caused in a poetry audience February 2008 in Fort St. John (I will have to edit that part out for the book)

the end of the book of poetry had absolutely no obligations to the state

if something is worthless, truly worthless, then that’s when real work is getting done

Victor Jara's hands

poetic value values poetry and treats it well
how do you say
in its old age

poetic value is post-media

measure is not numerical but a matter of aesthetic time and space on the page—it is to poetic what dollars are to donuts

1/3 Canadian 1/3 International 1/3 low interest bonds