November 26, 2005

Rob Budde Flicker

Rob Budde

celebrate the launch
of his new book, Flicker

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November 20, 2005

The feedback cycle feedback cycle by Ken Belford

At times it’s hard to tell the difference

between a word and a decision.

Understanding’s accumulate.

There are bindings between words,

a kind of retrieval of memory traces.

First I saw distant lightning,

then heard what I thought was thunder,

then trees coming down, a chain reaction.

New meanings fold into the interchange.

Word or part word, poetry isn’t always

an act of understanding. Consciousness

is an episodic series of moments but narrative isn’t

necessarily consciousness. Fix saw, cut pole,

sometimes there’s a darkness in the brain.

There’s something beyond what can be grasped

even in poetry, beyond the list of words

that do not appear. Subjects discriminate,

and there’s an infinite variety of forms

in the background feedback cycle of cues.

November 16, 2005

The Soup by Rob Budde

make it quickly, without
speaking and use only what’s
at hand, chance is your ally
the pot, the colander without rim

—don’t drive anywhere,
ever, walk, write, or invite a neighbour
with the ingredients, never go
for flash or imports—keep it local,
simple, smell the bunch and you’ll know

it should be chilly outside but
no flurries yet; the words
diffuse ice fog, a suggestion of
spice but let the stock take it all

toss it together the timing and
root and juices and let it stew

tell a friend what’s in it and
how poetry is hearty, how
it cleans the blood

there should be no flourish or garnish
no main dish or dessert;
don’t let one vegetable dominate the dish—
variety is the strength, what keeps it going

the ladle and bowl should be plain,
well made and sturdy, they will
be scuffed and nicked with use—
this is a good sign

serve hot so it fills the room with its
energy, be assured it is a mantra, something
to believe in, something you’re part of

home when it moves you, by Gillian Wigmore

With the launch of home when it moves you, Creekstone Press is honoured to bring Gillian Wigmore’s powerful poems to public attention.

“What a wonderful, fresh voice Gillian Wigmore brings to the page,” writes award winning poet Robert Hilles.

“These wise poems know the push and pull within family. They reveal the
tender truths behind the rough edges of small town life.
Her voice resonates with authenticity, and whether she
is writing about a near drowning or ice fishing, she is
ultimately writing about the complications of love. These
are poems you will not soon forget.”

In this collection of nine poems, Wigmore demonstrates
with astonishing skill the kind of spare poetics that she
strives for. Each of her poems is a complete story, a vibrant
collection of sound and images that pulls the reader into
her landscape and makes her poetry imperative.

With the publication of home when it moves you Creekstone
Press is pleased to announce the launch of a regional
collaboration with Dawson Creek poet, Donna Kane,
and Prince George poet, George Sipos, to create
design-rich handmade chapbooks.

“I think the goal of book design is to make readers more
attentive of the work inside,” says Kane. “A handmade
book honours the poems in an even more personal way.
My hope is to give each step of building this chapbook
the same care and thought as the words that make up
Jill's wonderful poems.”

Retail price: Handmade limited edition (ISBN 0-9684043-7-5), $17
Facsimile: (ISBN 0-9684043-8-3), $12