November 29, 2014

the myth of community

So I stepped off the stoop into
culture, expecting something
there to give and receive and
weave with the weft
and left to my own origins,
the crass concepts where I reside, 
the soil I inhaled, hush, but
such was not the case
and skin and gender and
class met me at the end of the street, 
threatened my life, sent
complaints to my third employer,
whispered in jubilant webby groups,
then erased the traces, and eased
to my side to console me.

*    *     *

November 28, 2014

swirling assessments

mobility, like a drum
beat or open sourced water
experience (stunned into being)
cyclical, transformative, interactive:
all difficult, but not

all outcomes, all relations
a reflexive gaze, bobbing
sunning in the eddies and heavy
oxygenated air (and desire
is extraneous) waves made
a bit like nudity

what is necessary? an igneous
and groundwater core
(ethics?) where you live
and its disconnect from consumption,
where you are, shuddering in syntax

*  *  *