July 24, 2005

Michael Armstrong--In Their Nightgowns, Dancing

The first literary release by UNBC Press!

Launch & Book Signing
Michael Armstrong's In Their Nightgowns, Dancing
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"Michael Armstrong has crafted a lyrical and haunting play that captivates with its sensuous imagery, riveting journey, and naked honesty. His story of two people each blown by the winds of enormous political and social forces resounds with authenticity of place, time, and character. This play is funny and tender and a gorgeous examination of possibility, chance, imagination, coincidence, opportunity, and all those endless forks in roads that combine to make a life. It is a richly rewarding story of rebirth and hope in that eternal human struggle to understand who we are as individuals. What I loved and still love is Armstrong’s ability to create such complete moments with such economy of language. The characters are so well cared for; there is such love present in the writing and it makes for such a beautiful journey to take."

--Kevin Kerr, Jessie and Governor General's Award winning playwright as well as a director, actor, and founding member of the Electric Company

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Lynda said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this one, Robert! You rock.