June 5, 2005

New Prince George Book Release!

The Courtesan Prince
by Lynda Williams.

Book I of Lynda Willams' Okal Rel Universe 10 book novel series (Throne Price was the 4th of the series).

In this novel: "The status quo is shaken up when egalitarian Rire discovers the Sevolite Empire and exposes all to irrefutable proof that a commoner sword dancer is actually racist Sevildom's long lost crown prince, Amel. Relationships destined to influence history are forged, and the stage set for power struggles in Amel's name."

To see more go to Okal Rel Universe or to order go to EDGE online.

1 comment:

Lynda said...

Mucho thanks for the notice taken, Robert. :-) Just got called by the UNBC Book Store today that there are some in stock down there, now. I will be doing readings in town ASAP -- probably early July since I'll be doing Conversion/Westercon July 1, in Calgary.