June 2, 2005

Fred Wah, from Alley Alley Home Free

"No single meaning is the right one because no “right ones”
stand still long enough to get caught. But because we do not
know does not mean we are lost. Something that is strangely
familiar, not quite what we expect, but familiar, is present.
That quick little gasp in the daydream, a sudden sigh of
recognition, a little sock of baby breath. Writing into meaning
starts at the white page, nothing but intention. This initial
blinding clarity needs to be disrupted before we’re tricked
into settling for a staged and diluted paradigm of the “real,”
the good old familiar, inherited, under-standable,
unmistakable lucidity of phrase that feels safe and sure,
simple sentence, just-like-the-last-time-sentence."

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