June 2, 2005

George Street Letters call for contributions

Issue #2 theme: Finding beauty in things and places we would
not expect, especially garbage, junk, litter, broken things, etc.
Addressing the impending environmental catastrophe with a post-
modernist sense of playfulness bordering on naiveté.

Looking for articles and reviews on topics such as literature and art
about garbage and catastrophe, and social/environmental/cultural
issues of consumption and waste

However you don't have to take a concerned environmentalist
approach to this, rather the underlying message might be "This is
our world and we love it, no matter how ugly it gets - Hey look, isn't that
piece of litter pretty?" rather than "We're all going to hell."

POETS- I'm want half of the special section to be poetry on top of
photography, so start writing on these topics!

Contact George Street Letters for more information!


rob mclennan said...

hey! this link doesnt work! who are these people? enjoying yer blog.

Rob Budde said...

hi rob

try now. GSL is a mag on local PG arts & culture. Whole bunch of writers involved. I will send you a copy.


whitebuffalo said...

hi ya cool rock'n'roll. george st is fun. lightening. ya.

Rob Budde said...

who else has picked up a copy? whaddya think? let me know.