April 8, 2005

Upcoming Events


is meeting every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.
at Art Space (above Books & Co. on 3rd Ave., Prince George)

Contact Jeremy Stewart for full information.

Here's the schedule for May:

Wednesday, May 18 - 8 PM - Artspace
Album Launch / Concert

The band formerly known as Carrie Jane Grey will
be performing its last show and releasing its full-length
album as well as staging an album-listening at this event.
There is no workshop for this night. Admission is $5 at
the door--the album will be $10.

Thursday, May 19 - 7 PM - Café Voltaire
Writing Workshop

This is less of a serious workshop and more of a sharing
session, intended to keep us up to date with each other
and offset the large number of other events this month.
It won't run all that late. Writers of all stripes: bring your
unfinished work for a chance to benefit from others'
experience through constructive criticism. All other
creative types are also encouraged to come and meet
and greet.

Wednesday, May 25 - 8 PM - Artspace
"Pushing the Edge"

This will be the first performance of Peter Stevenson's
Northern BC Free Jazz Ensemble. It is not a workshop
or a jam; it's a concert. Tickets are $10 at the door or
at Books & Company. This will be a very exciting show
for our city.

Thanks, everyone, for your continuing support of our
group. This is an important time for Prince George and
its creative people; be a part of the action. Musicians,
writers, visual artists, and other artists are welcome!
See you there!

Suggested donation $2 to pay for meeting space.



Kiosk = a light open-fronted booth from which food, newspapers,
tickets, poety, skilled & dynamic talents… a building in which
refreshments are served such as in a park or zoo… kiosk’s can
fill a traditional market with color, magic, vibrancy, crafts, jewelry,
paintings, books…

WACK! Hoping to raise a wack of funds! Hoping to have a wack of fun!

The WACK night is being ‘guest hosted’ by (at least) one
representative / activist of the following organizations:

Northern Women’s Wellness and Information Center
The Elizabeth Frye
The UNBC Women’s Center

Core supporters or ‘kiosk divas’ include representatives from the
UNBC Continuing Education Department, the Social Work
Department, the English Department, and the UNBC Women’s
Studies Department.

- to raise money for those four organizations who serve women
in this community
- to celebrate and recognize the role of creativity in our healing/
well-being/ empowerment
- to let the wider community know that ‘women’s issues’ include
self-care, fun, delight, fooling around, play… (i.e. we are not just
concerned to avoid/stop violence – we also want to fully actualize
and have roses and sparkle in our lives!)
- to help new students/ community members know which
organizations and in which roles they might want to do volunteer/
activist work (and where they might go for support during the
rest of the year)

Contact Si Transken for more information!


UNBC First Nations Writers and Storytellers Festival
September 23 – October 6, 2005

UNBC’s First Nations Studies, the First Nations Centre, the English Program, Social Work Department, and Prince George
community organizations are organizing what will be one of the largest and most exciting First Nations writing festivals
in Canada.

We are coordinating a series of storytelling festivals across the north in communities and nations which will then send a
representative storyteller to the Prince George festival in the fall. This promises to be an exciting combination of literary readings, performance, and traditional storytelling events.

Confirmed performers/readers are:

Eden Robinson
Marie Clements
Thomas King
Marilyn Dumont
Kateri Akiwenzie-Damm
Marie Annharte Baker
Lee Maracle
Tomson Highway
Jeannette Armstrong

With a special guest talk by American Indian activist and thinker
Paula Gunn Allen.

Also local performers,
an opening Gala,
Poetry Train 2,
storytellers from across Northern BC
and more!

Contact Rob Budde or Paul Michel for more information.

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