May 3, 2009

The Uses of Poem

diversion glides randomly close to
Poem stationed near the door of sense
in case he must leave quickly

a concentric gyre spins in the language
of the strange room we’ve built to house
questions—an aversion of conformity in
motion once the speeches are over
Poem reads the quiet as acquiescence
is disquieted, shuffles to the bar

Poem meant to say something about desire or
faith but understands these ideas don’t work anymore, gears
ground down and toxins leaking from the power
source and Poem gives them to the pawn shop in case
stability is still needed somewhere else

cascades cascades and palliative care chanced
upon by the newer born become tactful in
the ways of tricking hierarchy away from itself

famously, Poem churns down the boulevard hoping
not to find any inspiration in the evening light

such sentiments seem cynical but no,
no, Poem knows the age has turned and
symbols are falling around us everywhere

using leverage is not the mind’s best

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