May 3, 2009

The Liberal Poem

the social is a line
out front or in the book that changed
the way words looked but now
Poem finds his home in an ethical
moment—here and there—love and generosity tented
against the wind and mobile like
strange associations

camped outside the headquarters of
who and how long the murmurs
of mythical men who believe, truly believe
and hurl epitaphs from large passing vehicles and Poem
wonders about that too while
ducking and continuing to prepare a
small meal

you see Poem doesn’t want his way to hold
sway and won’t try to convince you of what

anything means anything

this, Poem supposes
is the frightening part

“influence” stands surveying, a uniformed
part, part potential, part in-
security, a role that has something to do with fear
something to do with death

if there is no outside and inside
when then does Poem end?

this is a start

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