April 1, 2006

Poem Reconsiders the Female Muse

Poem is unamused; she
is a writer, unused, un-engendered,
interdependent, and she shrugs
this off.

Poetry is a truck she learns to drive
differently, somewhere else,
and then leaves it to the overgrowth.

‘Meaning’ she said, meaning
it, and not the way you think, but
closer, and less esoteric, though
that’s not the word she would use.

She realizes, if she only inspires,
she expires.

Poem’s muse is a juncture between.
She considers this point (a wave,
a particle) and muses on
the instability. She works
at a university but does not
love it. Poem’s closure
is an alternative physiology
sensing itself for the first time.


denielle said...

i think this is my fave 'poem' poem. they're all good. but this one "drive[s] differently, somehere else" . . .
i like that

Dave said...

me2. I like the way it approaches the gendered muse thing in a roundabout way, rather than beating Reader over the head with it.

Rob Budde said...

if yr wondering why there are some comments deleted, a few crawlers have slunk across the blog and left boring calling cards. thot i'd save you from the clutches of e-commerce . . .

hardyf said...


cloudburst said...

wow. this is just excellent. i am in love with this piece. i have found inspiration in your blog. thank you.