April 28, 2006

Poem Achieves Closure

as if the relationship stood
for some abstract cost—you & Poem
tongue & lobe low vibrations
back seat the language steamy
thick with sweet ambiguity

he swears it is more than just physical

Poem was caught in the end
unawares—a rogue
wave or two coincidental
illnesses causing
the whole to tilt
this way

he knows how to tie
one on, create the escape
hatchery of ideas—a fraying
of your patience, a dithering
near the end, looking for conclusive
clues in the glove compartment, but not quite--
then there is a ‘pop’ air pressure
drop and Poem
is already


hardyf said...

you & Poem / tongue & lobe...

love that.hope it is more than physical.


like a lot.

_Soulless_ said...

I relished the fluidity in the last stanza; it makes reading the piece out loud more breathtaking. ^_^

Hullo. My first time here. I took the liberty of reading all five pieces on "Poem" found on this page. The one entitled "Poem Considers Sound Vs. Print" would have to be my favorite of this thought-provoking series. (I've also left a comment as regards said piece.) Thank you. It has been a much worthwhile read.