March 23, 2006

Poem Considers Sound Vs. Print

The veracity of meaning surprises him.
Once, a crow imitation worked. What
was said was uncertain.

Are you visualizing this moment?
Time passes similarly; here he is
a wave from dockside sloshing
against speakers and paper
cuts the imagined spillage. Yes,
it is a trick--what isn't?

The scientists test in dimensions of coffin, the variables
terrible and swift; the scientists
watch their lens swim. Poem watches
with curiosity, humming.


Anonymous said...
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_Soulless_ said...

Loved this one, the entirety of it! ^_^

This piece reminds me of what a blogging friend once told me, about a book entitled "Chaos: A New Science." He said that "some of the scientists working on it say that a poet's words are able to capture the science they're studying much better than scientific ones. The artist, they claim, sees the changes they are trying to measure and quantify. I find it a fascinating concept."