March 7, 2006

Natural history by Ken Belford

                               - for Si

Constants change over time and I was unstable
before I lived with you. Bound to no one, I was rolled up
somewhere in the past. I’m a solid state left over now
that comes in two kinds; recall and retrieval.
There’s a difference but it has do to with
developmental inadequacies. Love has the power
to convince: a single outcome of so many possibilities.
There are many worlds and many histories. So many
stories trap dark matter – it’s a good thing most
matter is invisible. This poem was borrowed
from the fields and conjured out of nothing.
There’s a natural loss of coherence in it. Light comes
from clouds and the clouds are getting old.
There are wormholes in them, distant beacons behind.
Your brothers and sisters are a galaxy in free fall now.
Some bodies carry charges for a split second.
That’s all it takes, and it’s enough.

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katy said...

happy birthday!!

right so, i haven't been very vocal on your blog yet (but i have been reading and i did include you in my email to billy this afternoon because i think you're good.)