May 28, 2011

on nervousness 2

whining at the door of
ridiculous requests

hoping that the rash
is not related

stuttering on an explanation
with no question

blabbering on about
herbs and balloons

the century that can
shatter the human myth

the man leaned out the driver
window with his bad teeth

all the reasons are piled
against the wall of the artery i keep forgetting the name of but it is an important one and in real life not at all the neat shape you see on hallmark cards and if i gush will i come clean will the toxins spill out into the river and kill fish eggs aorta it’s the aorta i am thinking of and it constricts when i say i love you but is it the climate my aging cells or true

writing and deleting the same
message 44 times

writing a message and sending
it but before you where were ready

chest pains are a sign hung
on the door saying ‘i am still here’

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