February 28, 2009

Indices: Fourth Quarter Returns

poetic value creates nutrients from the energy of the sun, a metabolic pathway for advancement of the reading organism as well as the immediate environment

Firefighters could not control the blaze and the poem burned to the ground in minutes. No one was injured but damage is estimated at least 35 cents.

This is not a shopping list for big spending, but rather a call for smart, affordable policy. Global economies will rebound and poetry needs to be ready for when they do. Our competitors will be challenged with issues as diverse as deforestation, competing pressure for frontal lobe use and rising passivity. The market for poetry's proven sustainability will grow enormously. Now the federal government has to follow through.

poetry recall affects literally dozens

whereas individual speakers may respond to the person to whom they are speaking, the media can respond only to the aggregation of whom they believe to be their audience, and poetry can respond only to speakers and media

if the elements are ungrammatical they will create a dissonance that will negate one of the perceptual dimensions

what, exactly, do you want from me

The double bouquet cells in the cerebral cortex increases covert attention and contrast sensitivity

"One cannot speak of a narcissistic disturbance," Lyle Ashton Harris says, "without its most crucial variable: redemptive narcissism, or self-love as a form of resistance from the tyranny of mediocrity and as a sight of solace"

regret, I suppose, the regret of the poem, the necessity, what it is, what it is doing, what it must do

My first shoplift was in a small corner store in Yellowknife with a large Coca-Cola sign out front and a dizzying magazine rack along one wall. My friend Cameron would talk loudly about the video game at the back to distract the guy behind the counter while I stuffed candy bars into my parka pocket. Cameron liked the candy more than I so I let her take most of it home. My mom would have known anyway.

feedforward, lateral and feedback connections to the classical receptive field center and extra-classical receptive field surround primate neurons

any offer of purchase has a fixed timeframe, after which the offer becomes null and void. Do you have a sense of when this poem will end?

poetic value is a mnemonic trick

The sensitivity of neurons to walking sequences versus the degree of articulation in static images creates a strong semantic tension

Microsaccades—the clinamen swerve of oculomotor control, attention, and visual perception—move a stationary stimulus in and out of a neuron's receptive field, thereby producing transient neural responses. Microsaccades might account for much of the response variability to text

her statement hung in the air for a long time, without any cognitive reference, and the state of suspension still exists as I move through every day

According to rumor, Mazra threw a rock into one of the caves, seeking a lost goat. The sound of pottery shattering drew him in, whereupon he discovered ancient jars containing scrolls wrapped in linen

“I now freely and openly attest that the best way to get general readers to start to read poetry is to present them with broadly appealing work, with strong emotional content and a clear narrative line."

The visual phantom illusion: a perceptual product of surface completion depending on brightness and contrast –ah, the absent center of what; this illusion is the primary tool of most administrators (see UNBC a history)

The role of familiarity in the recognition of static and dynamic objects outweighs any reliable scientific identification of a thing’s thingness. I am I because my little dog knows me.

tax breaks or infrastructure spending—let the reader off the hook or push the limits of what text can be

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking how much does this wank make in a year and who’s he in cahoots with

poetic value is a resonance energy transfer

poetic value leaps that stone fence down by the cemetery looking for a way to travel across town without seeing exactly where the next turn is and finding inscriptions on sidewalk a useful guide

poetic value dawdles

or when I got caught doodling instead of solving physics problems

‘Rob, the problem is you read every poem like it is a love poem’

the strange suspicion that neoliberalism has something to do with a character’s name in the film The Matrix

I don’t know you tell me

Product This week Last week
Friday, January 16, 2009 2" x 4" $153 $165
2" x 10" $159 $166
Studs $156 $158

“Poetry should astound and frighten, not make you giggle for two seconds”

Because clich├ęd writing sounds so familiar, people can complete finish whole lines without even reading them. If they don't bother to read your poem, they certainly won't stop to think about it

Ah, one, ah, two, ah one two three boom boom-boom boom-boom, boom boom-boom boom-boom nah nah-nah nah-nah nah nah-nah nah-nah

If you want to check grammar and spelling, make sure that Check Grammar With Spelling is selected in the Spelling and Grammar Menu

poetic value’s page count multiplied by page size and cover stock minus the time it takes to show me the door

“With e-distribution and e-books, writers will soon be able to put this incompetent and often philistine racket behind us. It couldn't happen too soon."

Although bankruptcy adversely affects a person's credit rating, most people going into bankruptcy have such a bad credit rating that nothing will make it worse. In fact, after bankruptcy, a person is a better credit risk because he or she has no debt. Personal bankruptcy is a powerful vehicle for a debtor to get a fresh financial start.

Automaker CEOs hold a wine and cheese gala to celebrate carmaking excellence in Canada.

ecomony shonomy—just bring me another beer

poetry and vampires—both immortal, both sexy, and both blood-sucking; coincidence, I think not.

this venue rental was donated

capitalism begins / when you open your eyes

a cache of images, a store of knowledge, a wealth of experience, the richness of his prose . . .

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