January 15, 2009

Indices: Third Quarter Returns (The Bay Street Buyout)

the sequence is the sorting of order, like coming up with the sentence so not the same but real

codeswitching: a poetics hinged between one discourse /
and another (see “poetry futures”)

what irony?

like the poem’s axle

two signs of the new order: a foucaultian porn site and the vampire ideologies on daytime t.v.

dude, that’s a random state apparatus you got there

Ken reads the webage with a keen adze and thinks of steelhead wakes

poetic value is an asterisk noting the controversy

damn, my transcendental signifier is stuck in traffic

standing here / nohghuni boduz’eh

the compassionate conservative

the Budde effect interrupts the pastel, ups the beta-carotene, stops so you wonder why

tuna DNA spliced into the genetically modified voter

since the crash, corporate culture has returned the christian values that got them there

once upon a time time a once time upon a time once upon a once and so on

“and which codes did you wish me to switch?” they all replied lustfully

oolichan grease the superstructure

ah, like the oh when confusion mercifully returns

the same, just performed in a different dialect

a tumor-like form

the object the subject smacked syntactically

if the narrative does not ‘flow’, if the images do not ‘cohere’, if the speaker is not ‘stable’, if the structure is not ‘structural’, then learning is

the poem’s to-be-looked-at-ness is the traditional feminine; its outward gaze is the traditional masculine; real poetry flips on a multilayered veil, closes both the eyes, thinks

the sound of the written word a trick of neoconservative opportunism

the sound of the written repetition is
is an illusion

poetic value is paradoxia as placebo—an ‘and’ for an ‘or’

canceling my subscription to the Canadian Journal of Disjunction Weekly

the 2010 Winter Olympics is a site—up north we recognize a land management issue when we see one

at the all-candidates forum, the federal front-runners disagreed on the efficacy of language poetry

when torque is lost, the scree hits the fan

the squirrel tore through An Inconvenient Truth like there was no tomorrow

when reading this, part of the interpretive strategy might be considering how much energy it took to make (see ‘consumptive theory’ and ‘planets for poems consortium’)

the railswitch swings the line, the line over to meet, meets an alternative switch, switches the line

poetic value is in the fancy icons you can download and cycle to impress your friends

yes, these are just parlour tricks, turns of phrases, a kind of gamesmanship, a sleight of hand writing

what irony?

poetic value is knowing that if my kids can read this, they can read the signs that might try to hurt them

verbal, dramatic, or cosmic—either way we are doomed

the Belford effect is to recognize the colonial stage of development in each text and write in old-growth gnarls and unusable neural paths

something to give, something, this, to give you, a gift, to you, you

a water-rivulet-like form

poetic value is codeswitching in the middle of mass and passing gas station scratch-and-win displays with mixed nimble symbolism erratically arrayed

not anarchy, not eloquent, not apologetic, not successful, not slick, not pompous, not manipulative, not opportunistic, not realistic, not fatherless, not gregarious, not manageable, not straight, not cursed, not easy, not noticeable, not nice, not mean, not oppositional, not negated, not forgotten, not letting go

ah, just hand over the cash

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