November 6, 2007

The Controlled Burn

Seeds unlocked nutrients, the stock
is sprung, ignition cracks through
clouds, unstacked the faller’s log
books fall and the biomass is maintained.
Sediment corrects itself and recalibrates
the general economy with no
road in. You see, the mercantilist narrative
can’t live here and I will never export
the poetics of land. The line is struck
a careful interaction with the history
of poetry. Where the edges are, a glimmer
of smoldering sense hushes and goes out.


hardyf said...

you had me at: "Seeds unlocked the nutrients, the stock / is sprung..."

you, as a poeter, use stock the best

Heather Glasgow said...

great stuff rob. when will we see you in vancity again?

Rob Budde said...

ill be down early may for a meeting. been poeming?