September 20, 2006

File sharing, by Ken Belford

I have another job on the weekends now
and my neighbour goes about her business.
A foreign-born worker, she’s moving,
living under a married name. I’m thinking
of file sharing and the fiction of the self,
remembering the day I flew out, leaving
a new person in my place. I’d like to thank him
for coming. It takes a lot of energy to think of
his vacant face. And I had a real sense of place,
even though I’d never been here before.
She never winked at the camera. Apparently,
the man who worked in my shadow slept
through the whole thing. There were episodes
of confusion and frenzy in the south. And
contradictory opinions and book tours gone
after I shot the wrong person. Write down
I’m a traitor. I’m in the mood to work backwards
so I’m hanging on to my name right from the start.


GP Lainsbury said...

I love it. "What's the harm in friends sharing a few files?" my fave undergrad prof mite have put it. At the end he was found wandering the streets of SF, barefoot & w/out a clue. The tumor in his head pressed on the part of his mind that made him aware of who he was.

hardyf said...

man i file-share so much but never really stopd to think if i was human mid-download. "I'm thinking / of file sharing and the fiction of the self" is like the greatest thing since youtube. word, ken.