February 20, 2006

Poem in the Overcode

Poem is a good boy, disturbs
the flow of pedestrians as little
as possible, mixes oil-based paint in
prescribed ways, eats the fictional
food groups, redeems his air
miles, watches hockey, thinks
about mutual funds, international
security, gets hopped up on
caffeine and sugar, has a full
medicine cabinet, frets over
fuel prices, submits regularly
to established magazines, finds
unique ways to create
vivid description and surprising
but comforting comparisons, breaks
the line right where it should, hears
screams at night, has a mellifluous
reading voice, is suspicious of
postmodern pomposity, dreams of the city
falling apart, demons
fouling the internet, resists discussing
the trivialities of language indeterminacy,
knows where he is going, tries
to get there on a straight straight overpass


Laura said...

Really loving the Poem poems...
"tries to get there on a straight straight overpass"
"Stories fill dumpsters and landfills. Fame follows him, dependent and whining..." wonderful and interesting

Rob Budde said...

thnx laura! fun to write the poem as character. ps. hooking yr blog up right . . . now . . .

hardyf said...

yeah, these Poem poems are rad. right up there with squash tips.

Jill said...

this one especially, Rob.

denielle said...

i'm joining the fan club. love the poems about poem. my absolutely fave bit is the 'melifuous/reading voice, is suspicious of/ postmodern pomposity... and the line breaks! oh, how i love the line breaks. i could go on...

Lynda said...

Can we get there on a straight straight overpass? This troubles me.